Avid Media Composer 2018.8 verfügbar

28.8.2018 | Audio/Video Software

Seit 13. August ist die Media Composer Version 2018.8 verfügbar. Das Update ist sowohl für Media Composer l First, Media Composer (subscription und Perpetual) und Media Composer Ultimate. Kunden mit aktuellen Update und Support Plan können das Update entweder von ihrem Avid Master Account, über den Application Manager oder dem Avid Download Center laden. (Login und Passwort sind erforderlich)

These software updates contain a number of important bug fixes as well, including:

  • You might have received a CORE_SEGMENT_NOT_FOUND error when enabling (video) Dupe Detection with “Show Effect Contents” enabled in the Timeline settings.
  • In some instances, you could not import .m2t (HDV) files.
  • You might have received an “Assertion failed” error when linking to AVC Long GOP with the Avid Generic Plug-in.
  • When in Segment mode, dragging clips in the Timeline might not redraw properly if the Audio Mixer tool was open.
  • In some instances, the editing application would show 100% CPU usage and would lock or hang when linking to specific MP4 files.
  • (Audio Mixer) In some instances, while stopping play to add volume effect to a clip, the fader slider would jump back. This did not happen if you were in Narrow Mixer mode.
  • The editing application was slow to respond when changing audio mixer levels.
  • Markers added in the Timeline did not always appear in the Marker Window.
  • In some instances, the editing application might have crashed to a BreakPad window if you played back using the spacebar after adding markers from the keyboard.
  • In some instances, performing a Find did not find all clips and sequences, in all bins in the project.
  • The List Tool change log was not correct. Comparing the same sequence with itself showed changes.
  • In some instances, the position indicator (blue bar) was not in sync with sound and picture when using 3rd party I/O devices.