Avid Media Composer 2020.9 veröffentlicht

1.10.2020 | Audio/Video Software

Avid Media Composer 2020.9 ist seit Mittwoch, den 30. September, verfügbar. Die Installationsprogramme werden über Avid Master Accounts, Avid Link und das Download Center um 12 Uhr EST zum Download bereitstehen. Dieses Update enthält neue Funktionen sowie eine Reihe von Fehlerkorrekturen und Leistungsverbesserungen, darunter:


  • Bin Find and Replace: Locate specific text in bin columns and replace it automatically with new text, similar to Find and Replace in Word documents.
  • New Interface Setting: A new brightness option has been added to the Interface Settings to allow for a darker UI.
  • Bulk Edit Profile Support: Save custom bin edit profiles to make repetitive workflow tasks faster and easier.
  • MP4 Export: Export sequences in an MP4 wrapper. Supported codecs include DNxHD, DNxHR, H.264, XAVC Intra and Long GOP, and AVC Intra and Long GOP.
  • Solo and Mute in AAF: Track solo and mute indicators in the Timeline are exchanged with AAF. (Note both Media Composers must be 2020.9 or later.)

Bug Fixes: 

  • Using Media Composer in a Russian locale has been improved.
  • When pressing Enter a second time after logging into MediaCentral, you were logged out instead of opening the selected project.
  • In some instances, the area for resizing a window was smaller than in previous releases making it more difficult to select the window for resizing.
  • Timecode Burn-in effect did not always show Clip Notes.
  • When working in a Japanese locale, Audio Format characters were corrupted in the OP1a-MXF Mixdown dialog.
  • It was difficult to see what was highlighted or selected when trying to rename a clip in a bin.
  • (macOS) Dragging the tab of floating bin vertically up caused cursor to jump and dragged the title bar instead.
  • You might have received a “Target sample is entirely past EOF” error when scrubbing or trimming partially restored media.
  • You received Exception errors when closing a bin on a Read-only drive.
  • With Direct Audio Channel selected, performing a Send to Playback with Dynamic Relink enabled created an audio mixdown.