Focusrite: Red 8Line ab sofort verfügbar

25.11.2020 | Audio Interface

Wir freuen uns ihnen mitteilen zu können, dass der Focusrite Red 8Line ab sofort verfügbar ist.

Red 8Line ist das neueste Interface, der äußerst leistungsstarken Red-Reihe von Pro Tools ™ | HD-, Thunderbolt ™ 3- und Dante®-Audio-Interfaces für Mac und PC. Mit Mini-DigiLink-, Thunderbolt 3- und Dante-Verbindungen können Sie sofort zwischen Pro Tools, anderen DAW-Anwendungen und in die Welt von Audio-over-IP wechseln.


  • High-performance 24-bit/192kHz A-D and D-A conversion with 119dB dynamic range A-D and 121dB dynamic range D-A (A-Weighted)
  • Seamless multi-platform workflow enables switching between different DAWs in seconds, using the front panel or control software
  • Two Red Evolution remote-controllable mic preamps provide up to 63dB of ultra- clean gain, with phantom power, high-pass filter, phase reverse and Air mode
  • Latest implementation of Thunderbolt 3 ultra-low-latency drivers for Mac and PC provide the flexibility to use DAW plug-ins in real-time
  • Dual Thunderbolt ports as standard enable daisy-chaining of devices such as plug-in accelerators, hard drives and external 4K displays
  • Twin mini-DigiLink ports provide connectivity directly to Pro Tools | HD cards, with no need for device expansion
  • Dual Dante ports enable connection to the industry standard Audio-over-IP protocol, for easy expansion and interoperability with other digital devices
  • Monitor control supports mono, stereo and multi- channel monitoring environments up to 10 channels, including 7.1.2
  • Extensive analogue I/O provided by eight line inputs and outputs on DB25; independent L/R monitor outputs; independent Red Evolution mic preamps, plus two stereo headphones outputs
  • Three LCDs provide highly accurate level metering for any input or output block, as well as for main monitor and headphone outputs
  • RedNet Control allows quick setup of complex monitoring and routing configurations, and control of the preamps remotely
  • High-fidelity dual headphone outputs are powerful enough to deliver loud audio on high-impedance headphones
  • Dual front-panel instrument connections ensure immediate access to instrument inputs, even when racked
  • New Windows 10 Thunderbolt drivers make Red 8Line compatible with PC-based audio systems
  • Focusrite software bundle includes the Brainworx bx_console Focusrite SC channel strip from the original Focusrite Studio Console, plus Red 2 and Red 3 EQ and Compression plug-ins, which accurately reproduce the sonic qualities of the original Red hardware. Focusrite Plug-in Collective membership provides access to frequent free downloads from the most innovative music software brands

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