Free Update für Melodyne 4 Editor

9.1.2019 | Allgemein, Audio Plugins und Effekte

Melodyne Editor 4.2.1 enthält die folgenden Verbesserungen und zahlreiche kleinere Optimierungen, die den Einsatz von Melodyne angenehmer, zuverlässiger und schneller machen.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed: During ARA operation with Mixcraft and Cakewalk, blob monitoring and scrubbing were no longer available in Melodyne if you started playback in the DAW.
  • Fixed: With Melodyne in Player Mode (i.e. without activating the program on the computer being used), the ARA plug-in sometimes crashed when you switched from Track Edit Mode to Clip Edit Mode.
  • Fixed: If the detection was aborted after a transfer with the Melodyne plug-in and you subsequently tried to move audio material whilst holding down the ALT key, a crash was sometimes the result.
  • Fixed: If an audio file was selected in the track pane of the stand-alone implementation of Melodyne studio, adjusting the fine tuning in the inspector sometimes led to a crash.