Harkwood Sync-One2 V2

24.7.2018 | Video

  • Brighter OLED display, now blue rather than white.
  • Greater sensitivity for light and audio detection combined with improved self-calibration algorithms.
  • 3.5mm audio input, so you can take the audio from a line/headphone output (switch over is automatic but may be over-ridden).
  • Adjustable mask period for better performance in spaces with high reverberation times.
  • Higher stability internal clock reference, the display still rounds to the nearest millisecond, but internally it is more accurate.
  • Mini-USB port that appears to a PC / Mac as a serial port, enabling;
  • data logging
  • a command-based API interface for remote control, to automate system adjustments or to take the data to certify a system sync at the end of a