Harrison AVA Vocal Flow Plug-in

4.9.2020 | Audio Plugins und Effekte

Der AVA Vocal Flow von Harrison (kurz AVA-VF) ist eine All-in-One Vocal Processing Suite mit 7 routbaren Mischelementen sowie Ein- und Ausgabesteuerungen. Es bietet den ultimativen Mixing-Workflow, um makellose Vokalmischungen effizient und ohne zusätzlichen Aufwand zu erzielen.



  • Vocal Character: A unique 2-band vocal EQ that moves to match the singer’s note, and accentuate either the fundamental (Body) or harmonics (Clarity) of the voice.  Boost the highest harmonics to get an effect similar to distortion but without any aliasing! 
  • 32C Channel EQ: A 4-band EQ complete with High & Low Filters. Directly based on the Harrison 32 series consoles’s highly sought-after channel EQ.
  • De-Esser: A specialized Compressor for removing sibilance in vocals or speech. Based on the DSP found in Harrison’s MPC digital film consoles.
  • Leveler: A fast & effective vocal compressor derived from the Harrison Mixbus channelstrip.
  • Vocal Effects: Chorus, Delay, and Reverb for livening up vocal recordings.
  • Master Section: Includes controls for Routing,  Polarity,  Input Trim, and Output Trim.