mcdsp NR800 Noise Reduction Plugin

23.7.2018 | Audio Plugins und Effekte

The NR800 operates with no internal latency, and does not contaminate the original source material with artifacts such as those found by noise reduction plug-ins that utilize transform-based processing.

The NR800 operates on mostly broad band frequencies, but can also be focused in a narrow portion of the frequency spectrum using noise reduction focus points. A set of input lters and be con gured with slopes up to 36 dB/Oct, and can be set at frequencies independent of noise reduction focus points.

Feature List:
• HPF and LPF pre- ltering
• Eight bands of focusable noise reduction
• Noise reductions modes and noise reduction bias
• Snap Gain and Snap Threshold for fast setup
• Overall noise reduction range and response control • McDSP Emmy Award-winning engineering