Media Composer 2021.2 verfügbar

25.2.2021 | Audio/Video Software


Avid veröffentlicht  Media Composer 2021.2,  die Software kann über „Mein Avid Konto, Avid Link und das Avid Download Center“ geladen werden. Diese Version enthält eine Reihe von Fehlerkorrekturen und Verbesserungen.

Vollständige Informationen zu allen Updates und Fehlerkorrekturen in dieser Version finden Sie im Media Composer 2021.2  ReadMe 



 Some users may have seen a slowdown when opening big projects on Avid NEXIS workspaces with recent builds; this has been fixed.


Media Composer launched slowly if there were many MXF media folders in the workspace (Interplay environment) 


A number of issues regarding the use of panels and floating windows were resolved, including:

o Using the “Float This Panel” window menu option to float the Audio Mixer caused it to go behind open windows

o The Media Central | Cloud UX panel and Production Management window could not be tabbed or docked with other tools

o After restoring a minimized floating window and then changing something in the window, you lost focus to the main Media Composer window

o The Bin window sometimes went behind other bins when you imported using drag & drop

o You could not save a workspace if Source/Record monitors were minimized

o When saving a new Workspace, the popup window did not open with the Name Field active

o Setting information in the bin column might have resulted in freeze (macOS) or Breakpad window (Windows)


You might have experienced audio sync shift on local audio playback as soon as NDI was enabled


Audio Mixer Ganging did not display correctly after switching from Record to Source and back


In some instances performing a UME MOV h.264 export might have resulted in an “AAMPIAudioProc::CycleBuffersThroughAMPI: destination FIFO overrun” error.