NEU: Focusrite RedNet R1

14.10.2020 | Monitoring


Focusrite RedNet R1 wurde für Audio-Profis entwickelt, die ihre Audiokonfigurationen schnell an die ständig steigenden Anforderungen der Studioumgebung anpassen und wie nie zuvor mit ihrem Audiosystem interagieren müssen. RedNet R1 ist ein Desktop Remote Controller, der in ein Dante Netzwerk mit RedNet Audio-Interfaces integrierbar ist und Monitorsetups, von Mono bis 7.1.4 einschließlich Dolby Atmos, verwalten kann.



  • The first Dante®, Pro Tools™ | HD and Thunderbolt™ interface system with a monitor controller
  • Switch and sum a maximum of eight channels, each of up to 12 sources per channel, from 32 available audio sources
  • Supports up to 12 monitor output channels formatted from mono through to 7.1.4 surround
  • Flexible monitor controls include level, preset level selection and lock, plus dim, mute and a variety of solo modes
  • A/B switch for switching between monitoring setups
  • Up to four fold-down presets allow fast switching for checking downmixes
  • Talkback functionality provides four destination groups when used with a Red interface, or a single talkback group when used with other Dante devices
  • Built-in internal microphone, or users can connect their own via the rear-panel XLR
  • Two LCDs display highly accurate level metering of the outputs, sources and headphone outputs, and give visual cues for navigating menus
  • High-fidelity headphone output can take its source from a multitude of analogue or digital locations
  • RedNet Control software with hardware focused workflow is designed for quickly setting up simple or complex configurations
  • Quarter-inch jack footswitch input socket for talkback management, LFE muting and more
  • Powered via Ethernet (using the PoE standard), or using the supplied DC power supply