Avid Artist DNxID

Das Artist DNxID ist eine kostengünstiges hochauflösendes Video Interface, das sich ideal für unterwegs eignet.

1.150,80  1.049,00  inkl. MwSt.

Get the high-res media acceleration of big brother Avid Artist | DNxIQ, at a fraction of the price. Avid Artist | DNxID offers hardware baseband encoding to Avid DNxHR, making it easy to work with large 4K files without slowing down your workflow. Bundle the interface with Media Composer to maximize your editorial efficiency. You can also record voiceovers and live audio with easy punch-in recording to Media Composer, and monitor HDR content in all of its stunning glory.

The Artist | DNxID is an affordable high-res I/O device that’s perfect for an editor on the go.

• Portable and Desktop I/O
• DNxHR hardware codec for UHD and 4K ingest (Avid-exclusive feature)
• Audio Punch-in through Mic input (Avid-exclusive feature)
• SDXC UHS-II port for ingesting media from a camera card
• USB-C port for connecting other USB-C devices to your systems
• Thunderbolt 3 connection to client
• Supported with Media Composer | First