izotope Neutron 4 Crossgrade from any paid iZotope product

Mischen Sie intelligenter und schneller mit iZotopes Neutron 4.

105,00  inkl. MwSt.

Mit Neutron 4 können Sie intelligenter und schneller mischen, während Sie in Ihrem Workflow einhalten. Acht professionelle Plug-Ins kombinieren die Power durch AI Technologie, um Ihr modernes und intelligentes Mischerlebnis zu schaffen.

Neutron 4 ist M1-kompatibel mit Apple Silicon und wird mit Visual Mixer und Relay geliefert, damit Ihre Plug-Ins miteinander kommunizieren können, sowie mit Tonal Balance Control 2, um Ihre Pegel beim Mischen anzuzeigen.


● A suite of 8 plug-ins: Neutron 4 comes with 8 total plug-ins including a mothership and 7 components. Use the component plug-ins individually or combine them in the mothership plug-in chain to sculpt your sound
● New! Mix in the moment: Powered by machine learning, the Assistant View starts listening as soon as you play audio, producing a reference starting point and intelligent control center where you can personalize your results. This is your Track Assistant, but faster and more flexible.
● New! Match references in real time: Dynamically match the tone of your track to a sample or stem using the new Target Library with tone matching technology.
● New! Make space: The new Unmask Module in Neutron 4 discovers and fixes masking issues for you, enabling you to reach new levels of clarity.
● New! Distort responsibly. Or not: A slice of iZotope fan favorite Trash is now in Neutron 4. Distort and destroy sound with Trash Mode in the Exciter Module allowing you to discover new extremes.
● New! Punch it up. Make an impact using the new Punch Mode in the Compressor to control and visualize how hard your sounds hit.
● New! Tone and tame. Tone your character changes in Neutron’s Exciter with the new Tone Slider, adjusting the emphasis to low or high frequency content. Use the new Tame button to preserve dynamic expression as you destroy with distortion or dial up effects.
● New! Sidechain metering in the Compressor Module
See your sound, scope your sidechain. Visualize your dynamics with the new Oscilloscope View in Neutron’s Compressor.
● Mix Assistant: Let Neutron automatically set your levels before you ever have to touch a fader. Combine with Relay on individual tracks and Visual Mixer on your master to set your levels right from the start.
● Visual Mixer & iZotope Relay: Launch Mix Assistant directly from Visual Mixer and move your tracks in a virtual space, tapping into iZotope-enabled inter-plugin communication.
● Enhance your audio with the Sculptor module. Use iZotope spectral shaping to make your instrument tracks sound more like themselves…or something else entirely.
● Tonal Balance Control: Meter while you mix to shape balanced levels based on tens-of-thousands of professional mixes.
● 7.1 Surround sound support and zero-latency mode in all 7 modulesfor professional, lightweight processing for audio post or surround music mixes.
● Beautiful, smooth visualizations and a resizable interface that invite you to step in and take control.
● Improved performance Neutron is now compatible with Apple silicon native (M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max) chips for faster processing.