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  • With the release of Mac OS v10.13.x (High Sierra), Media Composer could not write (i.e. capture, import, render) to the system drive. This has been fixed.
  • AMA Export File Insert Edit did not work unless you selected all tracks in the sequence or clip.
  • In some instances, you might have heard audio corruption on XDCAM linked media.
  • (Interplay) Sometimes Color Correction presets were inadvertently checked in.
  • In some instances, an MXF OP-atom file displayed as a linked video file when it was an imported file. Selecting the file might have resulted in an Exception error.
  • The file extension did not always change when you modified Export settings.
  • In some instances, a crash report window would display after you opened the Media Creations Settings.
  • (Avid DNxIO) In some instances, Audio meters did not work when scrubbing with Caps Lock on.
  • A Chroma Sub Sampling column has been added that will display the sub sampling rate for media.
  • SDI Embedded DVITC output stopped when you opened the Audio Mixer Tool.
  • In some instances, after transcoding a clip, the ARRI LUT was not applied correctly.
  • In some instances, clicking the Markers button at the bottom left of the create Marker window, opened an old-style version of the Marker Tool window.
  • Even after XDCAM clips were consolidated, they would relink back to the removal media drive once the removable drive was browsed again.
  • (Media Composer | Cloud) In some instances, the editing application crashed after a remote download finished when you relinked to the downloaded media.
  • When creating an XML output from the List Tool, the Marker data was incorrect for Opticals if you had effects on clips.
  • You might have received a “Standard Exception” error when transcoding linked AVCHD clips.
  • Instead of a non-descriptive error appearing, you will receive a “Warning: Some of the tracks are locked” when trying to edit into a locked track.(Mac) The editing application exited from Full Screen Play when you saved changes.
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