u-he Repro Classic analogue Synths

Two classic analogue synths recreated, Repro-1 and Repro-5

165,00  inkl. MwSt.

Repro dives into the past for analogue inspiration, meticulously modelling two famous synthesizers. Every detail of the original was captured using component-level modelling technology to create the most authentic model possible. All the subtle characteristics and quirks found in the originals are present in Repro. One product, one installer, two synths.

Shared features

  • Powerful analogue sound using component-level modelling
  • 2 multi-wave oscillators: saw/pulse and saw / triangle / pulse
  • 4-pole resonant lowpass filter
  • Tweak page for adjusting component behaviour
  • New preset browser with extensive tagging and search functions

Repro-1 only

  • Proudly monophonic
  • Arpeggiator with latch mode
  • Twin 32-step sequencer, 64 steps if chained
  • Built-in effects: analog-style delay / chorus, EQ / resonator, plate reverb, sonic conditioner, wave folder
  • 500 factory presets

Repro-5 only

  • Based on famous 5-voice polyphonic hardware synth
  • 8 voice polyphonic, or up to 8 voice unison with optional glide
  • Polyphonic distortion unit with 4 modes: soft clip, hard clip, foldback, corrode
  • Over 950 factory presets