Pulsar Audio – Plugins bis zu 70% Rabatt

28.4.2020 | Audio Plugins und Effekte

Hiermit möchten wir ihnen mitteilen, das wir absosofort  die Plug-ins von „Pulsar Audio“ im Online Shop anbieten. Die Lieferung erfolgt elektronisch und die Software ist als Download verfügbar.

Seit Dienstag, den 28. April werden folgende Plug-ins zum reduzierten Preis angeboten.

MU Limiter/Compressor          € 49.- inkl. Mwst

Echorec                                       € 29.- inkl. Mwst

Smasher                                      € 21.- inkl. Mwst


MU Limitier/Compressor – die originalgetreueste Emulation eines modernen, aber legendären Tube Compressors/Limiters.

There are several reasons to use a variable-bias tube compressor. One is the exceptional compression transparency that this kind of compressor can achieve, even when pushed into extreme gain reduction. Another – and perhaps the most common – is their ability to add cohesion or “glue” to buses, whole mixes and masters.

With its unique Topology Preservation Technology, Pulsar Mu sounds objectively identical to the hardware in every production context, and even makes improvements such as an increased signal-to-noise ratio.

Demo download


Echorec – ist eine Software-Emulation der gleichnamigen legendären Echo / Delay-Einheit, die in den 1960er Jahren von der italienischen Marke Binson hergestellt wurde

Vintage Echorec devices are known for their saturation, self-oscillation, and oversound, all shaping the music produced in the 70s. They are also, however, known to be fragile and difficult to maintain.

The Pulsar Echorec plug-in gives you a faithful emulation of this legendary echo unit; furthermore, many workflow improvements have been added to the original, such as the ability to change the motor speed (and so the delay time) in real time or to sync it to any tempo, including a tapped tempo.

Three different units, in different conditions, have also been precisely modeled, to have all sounds from the cleanest magnetic delay, to the most grunge.

These additions and the signature sound of the Binson Echorec 2 make this echo a must-have tool for any mixer who wants to add the subtle analog life, which is sorely lacking in digital delay plug-ins.

Demo download


Smasher – ein unkomplizierter Kompressor, nachempfunden nach dem „British Mode“ modifizierten 1176 Compressor.

Smasher is an unprecedented custom modification of the classic Urei 1176 compressor circuit, a unique formula stumbled upon while fine-tuning other algorithms.

While remaining very close to the original circuitry, the modifications built into Smasher will add definition to transients and make your tone more aggressive. Customers love using it to enhance the ambience in drum busses, but there are many more creative uses too. Smasher won’t work on every single track, but where it does, it works magic.

Smasher excels at raw and gritty sounds, calling to mind bands like Vulfpeck, The Whitefield Brothers and The Black Keys.

Demo download