Synchro Arts – 30% Rabatt auf Upgrades

5.8.2019 | Audio Plugins und Effekte


Nutzen Sie die neueste und fortschrittlichste Time & Pitch adjustment Technology. Egal ob Sie eine ältere Revoice Pro Lizenz oder VocAlign Project besitzen, Synchro Arts gewährt im August auf  Upgrades 30% Rabatt.


Why upgrade to Revoice Pro 4?

If you are currently using Revoice Pro 1-3, there are many new features, improved functionality and better workflows which could save you hours of editing time and offer new creative possibilities. These include;

  • APT Music & Dialogue Modes–  Music mode can now respond intelligently to musical details and Dialog mode retains the characteristic tight & accurate sound required for rock-solid ADR   
  • Vibrato Editing–  Vibrato can now be time stretched or compressed naturally and without affecting the speed 
  • Warp Process– Various improvements to pitch display & adjustments using Warp
  • ARA2– There is now a much faster workflow with compatible ARA2 host DAWs, no capturing or spotting process of audio required
  • Track Management– ARA plug-ins will automatically create and name tracks in Revoice Pro &  processes now create output tracks
  • Process Groups– Create process groups so multiple tracks can be edited together
  • Free 25-Part Groove 3 Tutorial Package included with every Revoice Pro order

Für Preisanfragen stehen wir ihnen gerne zu Verfügung.