Temporäre Avid Kreativtools Lizenzen

18.3.2020 | Audio/Video Software



Ab Montag, 16. März, bis Freitag, 17. April, bietet Avid  ihren Usern, die nicht in ihren Einrichtungen auf ihre Systeme zugreifen können und daher von zu Hause aus arbeiten müssen, 90-Tage-Lizenzen für Media Composer | an Ultimate, Pro Tools, Pro Tools | Ultimate oder Sibelius l Ultimate,  vorbehaltlich der folgenden Einschränkungen. Darüber hinaus kann jeder Schüler, der in einem Avid-Kurs an einer qualifizierten Bildungseinrichtung eingeschrieben ist und nicht zur Schule gehen kann und keinen Zugang mehr zu Schuleinrichtungen hat, über seine Schule eine vorübergehende Lizenz für die unten angegebenen Produkte erhalten.


Important information:

  • Licenses are intended for those companies whose offices and facilities have been closed due to precautionary measures related to COVID-19. The program is not intended for individual users who already own or rent their own copy of an Avid creative product and wish to receive a free-of-charge temporary license.
  • Companies should submit the request for licenses on behalf of their employees. If you are an employee – either full time, contractual or freelance – working for a company that has asked you to work from home, you should request your employer to make a request for a license on your behalf.
  • Educational institutions should submit bulk requests on behalf of their students, rather than sending individual students to make requests directly.
  • Students who are in need of a license should submit a request to their school to obtain one.
  • Users will receive a Registration (also known as Redemption or Activation) code via email, which they will need to deposit into their My Avid account or www.avid.com/register. Internet access is required.
  • Their 90-day license will begin at the time a user registers the code.
  • Installers and the 90-day license will be deposited into their account.
  • Licenses will only be provided for the following products:

o MediaComposer|Ultimate o ProTools
o ProTools|Ultimate
o Sibelius|Ultimate

  • Licenses will only be provided to users whose company or educational institution owns the same product being requested, and the product is either an active subscription or under an active upgrade and support contract. A maximum of one license will be provided per one owned and active license.
  • Codes must be deposited by April 17, 2020 to receive the free license.


How to Request a License: 

  1. Customers who require a license will need to provide the following information for each user that needs a license (you can use the Excel spreadsheet here as a template to provide this information)
  • First and Last Name
    • Email Address of My Avid Account

o For students that may not have an My Avid Account, they can create one and then submit their request.

o For site administrators who will be centralizing the registration of licenses and will only be using one My Avid Account, simply specify that on the request and include the total number of licenses you will need.

  • Product License needed:
    o Media Composer | Ultimate
    o Pro Tools
    o Pro Tools | Ultimate o Sibelius | Ultimate
  • Country – This should be included in the Subject Line of your email as well as the email body
  • Company or School you are associated with
  1. Send the request to the email address for your geography with your country as the first word in the subject line:


  1. Upon receipt of your request, Avid may contact you via email for more information or to clarify the information provided.
  2. Once the request is complete and accepted by Avid*, you will receive the registration code(s) via email and will need to deposit into your My Avid account or www.avid.com/register